Although team is mostly composed of traditional journalists, we recognize the emerging role of “citizen journalists” as complementary in the dissemination of information in a fast-paced world of events. As we strive to bring you the news, features or analyses, we want to also count on you to bring to the fore, issues that matter to you and your world. Call it breaking news or features, we welcome your contributions in any way possible. Where, when  and how you come in:

Are you at a place where unexpected events are taking place or where fellow human beings or animals are being violently assaulted or abused?

Have you seen or been involved in news event or ran into what we call on-the-spot news?

Do you have a story (could be personal) to tell or a news lead or tip you think we should investigate?  Personal stories would be published in our column known as TELL A STORY.

If you answer yes to the above questions, submit such materials at: Please, provide your names on all reports if you want your by-line on them. In all lead or tip materials, you may not disclose your name.

Please note that we do not pay for such stories, features or tips submitted. Send materials, such as pictures or videos at:

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