As the prospects of the Internet continue to grow, so are people’s quest to know and be well-informed because a well-informed person is better placed to make better decisions – such that will protect, enhance or enrich his or her life.

In a world of media frenzy – where, according to great American journalists, Howard Rosenberg and Charles S. Feldman there is “No Time to Think,” the public, to whom, by tradition, the media should always owe their loyalty, has been frequently disappointed. Several instances abound where the public has been fed with garbage in the name of information dissemination that is deeply rooted in hasty investigation, poor judgment, lack of objectivity and balance.

Also, several areas of human endeavors begging for coverage have either by omission or commission been neglected by those whose duties it is to inform, educate and entertain. In the midst of such lapses and mistrust, Alltimepost.com was born.

Published in the United States of America by Alltime Communications, Inc., Alltimepost is a general-interest online newspaper that was conceived with the purpose of being the true mouthpiece of the public – an uncompromising voice to the unheard and a defender of the oppressed. As a media outfit, conceived and born in a Free World and tempered by the values of fundamental human rights and the rule of law, part of our core values is absolute commitment to the defense and promotion of democracy, civil liberties and human rights. We will listen to your cry and make the world hear it, no matter your status in the society as long as you are searching for justice.

As a part of the Fourth Estate of the realm, Alltimepost.com will live fully up to its responsibility of not only holding public officers accountable for their stewardship to society, but bringing government closer to the people. While our first obligation will be to the truth, our loyalty would be to citizens. We will partner with the public and other credible media organizations in our efforts to fulfill citizens’ rights and quest to know, with an in-depth reporting and features that are defined by accuracy, research, objectivity, fairness and balance.

We acknowledge, with respect and admiration, the activities of some media organizations which, despite undue intimidation and persecution by some governments have vehemently and defiantly remained truthful to the tenets of the journalism profession.

Alltimepost.com will also promote fledging and successful entrepreneurs who like to share their stories with other people. We will cover a wide range of issues and events that matter to people in their everyday life, including: social events, such as weddings, graduations, government activities, politics, entertainments/ arts and cultures, wellness, spiritualism, etc. Feel free to invite us to cover your events or send stories and pictures about such occasions.

We draw our editorial team and contributors from experienced and fearless Journalists/writers cutting across various spheres of human endeavor. All materials would be rigorously scrutinized and must pass our editorial judgment to qualify for a space. As we strive diligently to maintain a high standard of editorial contents, we will not accept or publish falsified materials. All articles must be well researched and backed up by credible evidence where necessary.

In case of any error, please contact us with the correct information so we can retract or effect appropriate correction. Know that it is a pleasure and pride to serve you. With you out there, we are able to muster the strength to do the great things we do best as harbingers of information.

We will work with clear hearts in dealing with every issue that comes our way, bearing in mind, the words of the great American president, Abraham Lincoln: “with malice towards none, but charity for all.”